Testimonials and case studies from clients

“Dear David I want to let you know how much I appreciate your services. I have worn hearing aids for about 30 years and this is the most satisfied that I have been. You listened to all my questions and answered them (I had a lot). Called you several times before placing the order for them. You were and are very patient with me. When I come to your office, I do not have to wait very long before being seen. This is important to me. Since wearing my new aids, you have adjusted them and the sound keeps getting better. Thank you and your staff for kindness and helpfulness that I have experienced.”

Hallie C., Winston-Salem, NC

“As a professional golf player I could tell that my diminished hearing was affecting my performance. I am glad that I got my hearing taken care of by Robert Williams, he is a reliable professional which gave me the best options available and worked with me until I was satisfied.”

Author Jennifer Larson, Asheville, NC

“It only took one hearing exam to realize I really needed some new hearing aids. The professionals at The Hearing Aid Specialists of the Carolinas really took the time to take care of what I needed. I really appreciate their help.”

Author Michael Carroll, Asheville, NC

“I want to thank you for my new hearing aids they work really well. Love being able to hear my grandchildren.”

Author Marcy Hawthorne, Asheville, NC

“Great professionals, I have been coming to The Hearing Aid Specialists of the Carolinas for over 10 years and they always give me the best service. I recommend them.”

Author Amanda Kensington, Asheville, NC